The exhaustive evaluation of all alternatives about what kind of structure or foundation built, choose the construction process, and the study of auxiliary elements like props or anchors, it is essential to reach to the best possible solution.


Rehabilitation and consolidation of structures is also basic assess all the options, and advise the client which is best solution to their problem, making a diagnosis of the structure and evaluating all options.

we offer:

- Advising to our clients at the start of the project: structural types, types of foundations, previous reports, etc

- Project development of new structures in stage of:

  • Preliminary draft

  • Project

  • Final design

- Development of rehabilitation project:

  • Diagnosis of structural rehabilitations

  • Reinforcing projects and structural consolidation

  • Inspections and safety reports

- Participation in the process of construction, structure and foundation:

  • Construction supervision on stage of structure and foundation

  • Consulting on stage of fondations and structure

  • Consultation or punctual work visits in the process of construction

  • Consulting about rehabilitation of structures and foundations